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There are 5 types of weapons in Moonlighter. Each weapon has a normal attack combo, and a special attack. Normal attacks, for everything but the bow, is a 3 hit combo, with the last hit dealing double damage and extra knockback. Special attacks, for everything but the Sword and Shield, is a move that charges up and unleashes a unique attack.

While Will normally stands still and attacks in-front of him, during each hit of the combo you can press a directional key and attack to change the direction of the attack. Whenever a directional button is used with an attack, it will cause Will to step a small distance in that direction (even if he is facing that direction to start). Each weapon moves a different distance, so be sure you have room to move without getting hit.

Currently, there is a special trick that can be done during combos. If Will switches weapons during a combo, it uses the attack of the new weapon on that step of the combo. This means that doing a Glove (Hit 1) to Glove (Hit 2) switch to Big Sword (Finisher) will finish with the last combo hit of the Big Sword, move Will more and dealing double damage. Even with this, the Bow will not deal double damage, no matter what step of the combo it is. The functionality seems flaky and will sometimes not activate unless the game is reloaded. It also seems the bow can be used as a fourth hit.

Will starts with the Broom Spear and gains the Training Short Sword after completing the tutorial.

All other weapons are crafted after paying 500 gold to get Vulcan's Forge to move to Rynoka.

Weapons can be Enchanted three times at The Wooden Hat using gold and 3 Empowering Crystals.

Each level of enchantment adds a "+" at the end of the weapon name.

A weapon's enchantment is lost when crafting the next tier of the weapon. For example, a "Training Short Sword +++" with three enchantments becomes a "Soldier Short Sword" with no enhancments.

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Related achievements[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description
Weaponmaster.jpg Weaponmaster Craft all weapons

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