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Rynoka is the main village in the game Moonlighter. Rynoka is a small commercial town near an access to the dungeons. All the lifestyle of the village is closely related to the wealth obtained from the ones that wander into the dungeons. We wanted Rynoka to feel like a quiet, friendly and safe place in contrast to the permanent aggression of the dungeons. Inside Rynoka Will finds everything he needs to progress in the game: his shop, the other shops, some NPCs (like merchants that visit the town) and the access to the dungeons.

Vendors and NPCs[edit | edit source]

The Moonlighter[edit | edit source]

The shop, attended by Will. Major part of gameplay in the game is placed in this place. Found in north part of the town, there is a small inaccessible house to the left of The Moonlighter.

Town Board[edit | edit source]

The Town Board is located in the center of Rynoka. Will can request Moonlighter expansions and Town Vendors such as these mentioned below.

Vulcan's Forge[edit | edit source]

Vulcan's Forge is located to the east, Sells armor and weapons.

The Wooden Hat[edit | edit source]

The Wooden Hat is to the southwest, Sells potions and echantments.

Le Retailer[edit | edit source]

Le Retailer is in the northwest corner, Sells artifacts that player has already come across.

Hawker[edit | edit source]

Hawker sets up his shop in the southeast area, Sells decorations for Will's shop, those decorations grant various bonuses like additional tips from customers.

Banker[edit | edit source]

Banker stands to the left of the Town Board. Grants Will additional way to profit. Go to Banker page to get more info on how he works.