Naja Jottings

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Disambig.png This article is about the regular game version of this item. For the New Game + version, see Naja Jottings +1.
Naja Jottings
Naja Jottings.png
Desert Culture
Stack Size
Base Value
15,000 Gold.png
In moments of true darkness, true terror arises. Naja, our Guardian crafted of stone, lava, and of the three suns will then shine brightest.

Naja Jottings is one of the items found in the Desert Culture.

Crafting & Acquisition

Crafting & Acquisition
Le Retailer 67,500 Gold.png
Drops From
Desert Dungeon Naja
Lootable From
Desert Dungeon Blue Chest

Used to Craft

This item is not currently used to craft anything.

Selling & Reactions

Low Popularity.png Neutral Popularity.png High Popularity.png
Cheap 10,124 Gold.png 13,499 Gold.png 13,499 Gold.png
Perfect 12,375 Gold.png 16,500 Gold.png 20,250 Gold.png
Expensive 12,938 Gold.png 17,250 Gold.png 21,000 Gold.png
Overpriced 12,939+ Gold.png 17,251+ Gold.png 21,001+ Gold.png
Merchant Mirror 3,750-5,250 Gold.png

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