Merchant Pendant

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Merchant Pendant Icon.png

The Merchant Pendant is used to remove yourself from Dungeons with a single-use one-way portal. However, this does have a cost associated with it that varies depending on which dungeon and level you are currently on.

Pricing[edit | edit source]

Dungeon Floor 1 Floor 2 Floor 3
Golem Dungeon 200 Gold.png 300 Gold.png 400 Gold.png
Forest Dungeon 800 Gold.png 1,200 Gold.png 1,600 Gold.png
Desert Dungeon 3,200 Gold.png 4,800 Gold.png 6,400 Gold.png
Tech Dungeon 12,800 Gold.png 19,200 Gold.png 25,600 Gold.png

The Wanderer Dungeon is unique in that it has 10 floors, each with a different "return home" price. It's also not possible to use the Merchant Emblem in this dungeon, making the pendant the only way to return home.

Floor Cost
Floor 1 12,800 Gold.png
Floor 2 14,720 Gold.png
Floor 3 Gold.png
Floor 4 Gold.png
Floor 5 Gold.png
Floor 6 Gold.png
Floor 7 Gold.png
Floor 8 Gold.png
Floor 9 Gold.png
Floor 10 30,080 Gold.png

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