Merchant Emblem

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Merchant Emblem Icon.png
Giving money to this emblem opens a portal to be able to return later to the dungeon.

The Merchant Emblem is used to send yourself back to town from Dungeons. It leaves a portal so you can return to the same room it was used in. Good for one re-entry per portal. However only one portal may be active at a time, and it will disappear if:

  • Will collapses before using the portal.
  • the player uses the main entrance to any dungeon.
  • if the player uses the Merchant Pendant by mistake.

Keep in mind that the first usage will take (12) in-game hours. Plan the time wisely, if you are venturing to satisfy customer orders/quests.

Pricing[edit | edit source]

Dungeon Floor 1 Floor 2 Floor 3
Golem Dungeon 1,000 Gold.png 1,500 Gold.png 2,000 Gold.png
Forest Dungeon 4,000 Gold.png 6,000 Gold.png 8,000 Gold.png
Desert Dungeon 12,000 Gold.png 18,000 Gold.png 24,000 Gold.png
Tech Dungeon 40,000 Gold.png 60,000 Gold.png 80,000 Gold.png
Wanderer Dungeon Merchant Emblem unavailable in this dungeon.