Last Dimensional Pirate

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Last Dimensional Pirate
Last Dimensional Pirate.png
Spawns in
Unknown Dungeon
A blue blob wearing a power suit, wielding a sword and shield.


Recommended weapons: Bow and any other melee.

First phase

In the first phase, the boss chases you around with a sword. He has a couple different attacks during this phase:

The first is an attack where he swings his sword 3 times consecutively. This attack is easy to roll away from. If you started the fight with a bow, you can generally attack 3-4 times before he catches up to you. If you use a spear, you can reach past his swings.

The second attack is a charge. He telegraphs the attack which lets you roll out of the way and possibly get a swing or two with a melee weapon. If you roll the opposite direction you can again fire the bow several times before he catches up to you.

At a couple points during this phase his torso detaches from his legs and flies back and forth from the sides of the screen. A well timed roll can dodge the torso. To complicate the matter, while you're dodging the torso, the legs remain stationary firing projectiles in a circular pattern. It helps to run around the legs rolling when the torso flies at you. During this attack, it's difficult to attack.

This phase is almost simple if using the bow exclusively.

Second phase

The second phase is a large oversized blob. This boss phase has a few different attacks to be aware of.

Initially, the boss will simply swing large tentacled arms at you. It is possible to run to the bottom of the screen and stay out of reach of these attacks. Although, providing you have enough health, you should be able to survive if you wish to remain close for melee weapons.

If you run to the bottom and fire your bow, eventually the boss will put up barriers which block the arrows and spawn the tiny multicolored blobs from all the previous dungeons.

Around the same time that the barriers come up, you need to watch the ground under your feet. The boss will open a portal under you and spawn a tentacle to hit you. If you start moving back and forth after you see the barriers you will easily dodge this attack.

After the ground tentacle attacks, the barriers will drop and the boss will draw you to himself and trap you between his two tentacles, greatly reducing the area which you have to run. At this point, if you're not already using melee, you will want to switch to melee and attack him directly.

Be cautious though, after he traps you there, he will pulse light waves which do a significant amount of damage. It is advised to roll over these waves.The best time to roll is easily identifiable by the light in his stomach, when the light scrunches up you should immediately roll to avoid the wave attack.Try to time your attacks between your dodges.

After the 4th light wave, the tentacles will come up and the cycle will start again with him swinging his arms at you.

As seen in the video below, it is entirely possible to have the boss beaten in less than one cycle of attacks during this phase. Using ranged will likely take longer, but you will take much less damage. If you ran through all your potions during the first phase, ranged may be the best option.


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