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Moonlighter is all about the items. There is no “level progression” so having powerful equipment will be the only way to beat the game. Choosing what to keep, what to sell, what to upgrade, and selling the items at the right price will be crucial.

Each item has a base price which is initially unknown by the player. When an item is first picked an entry about it is added to a merchant notebook that Will carries with partial info about the object, resembling the current knowledge that Will has about the object.

All items belong to a culture, linked to each of the dungeons. The player will know more about an item as he obtains more items from that specific culture. All items which are part of the same culture will look alike, so it will be easy for the player to associate them. As the player knows more about the items of a culture, it will get easier for him to set the “perfect” price on the shop.

When selling items, paying attention to customers' expressions will let you know what they think about the current price of the item.

The following is a list of Items in the game Moonlighter.

List of Items[edit | edit source]

Name Description Culture Type
Ancient Pot Was probably used to carry valuable liquids. Golem Culture
Big Sword Merchant Culture Weapons
Blaze Big Sword Merchant Culture Weapons
Blueprint Looks like a very detailed blueprint of an assistant golem. Golem Culture
Blue prints II Golem Culture
Blue prints III Golem Culture
Broken Sword It had some kind of ritual value but it's barely useful anymore. Golem Culture
Broom Spear Spear for noobs in videogame demos Merchant Culture Weapons
Buster Big Sword Merchant Culture Weapons
Captain Gloves Merchant Culture Weapons
Catapult Bow Merchant Culture Weapons
Dash Merchant Culture
Crystal Rock This beaming rock is highly conductive Golem Culture
Crystalized Energy It is easy to sense the power that golems are able to contain in these crystals Golem Culture
Empowering Crystal Raw crystal source of magic power Merchant Culture
Exeter Bow Merchant Culture Weapons
Fabric Sturdy fabric used on golem decorations Golem Culture
Fighter Gloves Merchant Culture Weapons
Fighter Spear Merchant Culture Weapons
Flamethrower Bow Merchant Culture Weapons
Forest Spirit Gloves Merchant Culture Weapons
Foundry Rests Remains of an old foundry used for metal smelting Golem Culture
Fusion Big Sword Merchant Culture Weapons
Glass Lenses Able to focus magic beams Golem Culture
Gold Runes Somehow related to the construction of golems Golem Culture
Golem Core Heart of a golem, the main element in a living statue Golem Culture
Golem Chisel Tool necessary to shape the stones of Golems Golem Culture
Golem Drill Spear Merchant Culture Weapons
Golem Knowledge Book Books containing knowledge of the Golem civilization. Golem Culture
Golem Volume Printed in a strange and beautiful alphabet. Golem Culture
Hardened Steel Hardened steel which is a key material in the golems' structure Golem Culture
Hell Spear Merchant Culture Weapons
Hunter Bow Merchant Culture Weapons
HP Potion I Heals 25% of Will's maximum health. Merchant Culture Potions
HP Potion II Heals 50% of Will's maximum health. Merchant Culture Potions
HP Potion III Heals 75% of Will's maximum health. Merchant Culture Potions
Hyper Potion Heals 100% of Will's maximum health. Merchant Culture Potions
Iron Bar Strong and malleable. Useful to craft a wide range of weapons Golem Culture
Iron Boots IV Boots suited for fast and strength attacks Merchant Culture Armor
Iron Chestplate IV Chestplate made of the lightest iron scales Merchant Culture Armor
Iron Helmet IV Light but still hard helmet Merchant Culture Armor
Invulnerability Potion Makes Will invincible/invulnerable/unkillable for a short amount of time. Merchant Culture Potions
Lightning Bow Merchant Culture Weapons
Lighting Rod Spear Merchant Culture Weapons
Merchant notebook
Monkey Spear Merchant Culture Weapons
Natural Bow Merchant Culture Weapons
Poison Bow Merchant Culture Weapons
Reinforced Steel Golem Culture
Rich Jelly Jelly with many curative properties extrated from Slimes Merchant Culture
Rock Big Stone Merchant Culture
Rock Big Sword Merchant Culture Weapons
Root The solid root of an underground plant Golem Culture
Rough Gloves Merchant Culture Weapons
Rune Tool Necessary to write runes on different metals Golem Culture
Runes Golem Culture
Soldier Bow Merchant Culture Weapons
Star Platinum Gloves Merchant Culture Weapons
Storm Big Sword Merchant Culture Weapons
Speed Potion Increases Will's speed for a short amount of time. Merchant Culture Potions
Strength Potion Increases Will's strength for a short amount of time. Merchant Culture Potions
Teethstone Very sharp stone, commonly found on the bodies of ancient golems Golem Culture
Thunder Gloves Merchant Culture Weapons
Toxic Big Sword Merchant Culture Weapons
Training Gloves Merchant Culture Weapons
Training Spear Merchant Culture Weapons
Venom Sting Spear Merchant Culture Weapons
Venom Twins Gloves Merchant Culture Weapons
Vine Strong but flexible material used by Tangles to protect themselves Golem Culture
Warrior Spear Merchant Culture Weapons
Water Lamp Designed to carry gleaming water Golem Culture
Water Sphere Merchant Culture
Whetstone Stone used by blacksmiths to grind and sharpen weapons. Merchant Culture
White Stone A container to preserve the properties of infused water Golem Culture
Wild Big Sword Merchant Culture Weapons
Will Bandana Merchant Culture
Will Boots Merchant Culture
Will Jacket Sturdy jacket made with strong fibers. Merchant Culture
Wood's Spear Merchant Culture Weapons

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