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Items, also referred to as "artifacts", are found in Dungeons throughout the game. Moonlighter is all about the items. There is no “level progression” so having powerful equipment will be the only way to beat the game. Choosing what to keep, what to sell, what to upgrade, and selling the items at the right price will be crucial.

Each item has a base price which is initially unknown by the player. When an item is first picked an entry about it is added to a merchant notebook that Will carries with partial info about the object, resembling the current knowledge that Will has about the object.

All items belong to a culture, linked to each of the dungeons. The player will know more about an item as he obtains more items from that specific culture. All items which are part of the same culture will look alike, so it will be easy for the player to associate them. As the player knows more about the items of a culture, it will get easier for him to set the “perfect” price on the shop.

When selling items, paying attention to customers' expressions will let you know what they think about the current price of the item.

The following is a list of Items in the game Moonlighter.

List of Items[edit | edit source]

Name Description Culture # Type Best Price


AC Adapter Usually find these between a "battery" and what requires the power. It must be some sort of converter. Tech Culture 5 19000
Ancient Pot It has a small crack or two, but could still hold something. Beautifully crafted. Curious what it could have been used for. Golem Culture 20 125
Ancient Wood Petrified wood from years of sitting in and near particular elements. Forest Culture 14 1250
Argon Bottle I would often find the gas in this jar near clean, spotless metal. It must prevent some sort of chemical process resulting in rust. Tech Culture 7 15000
Blade Leaves Sharp leaves used as projectile weapons by several rather bothersome enemies... Forest Culture 24 375
Blaze Big Sword Burns. Must be the combination of lava infused directly into the metal. Merchant Culture 11 Weapons 256000
Botany Jottings I We originally wanted to improve harvest sizes, but the introduction of the LF1 strain seems to have given plants a self-awareness... Forest Culture 6 2500
Botany Jottings II Plants moving of their own accord? Possibilities are limitless. A better harvest is only the beginning! I wonder if we could domesticate them? Forest Culture 7 2500
Botany Jottings III With continued injection of the LF1 Strain, particular plants have become formidable creatures capable of aggression. We must keep this in line. Forest Culture 8 2500
Broken Battery A broken receptacle for non-magical energy... Who created all these Artifacts? Tech Culture 18 3500
Broken Mace I mean... It's still a chunk of metal that can be thrown about... Merchant Culture 102 300
Broken Morningstar A chipped, dulled, and only good-for-chunking lump of metal. Merchant Culture 52 12500
Broken Rapier An old, bent, and useless piece of metal. Merchant Culture 85 2500
Broken Sword Fairly useless in its current form, but I could easily smelt it down to craft something new! Golem Culture 18 187
Broom Spear A tool with one, simple purpose. To clean. At least, that is if held in untrained hands. Merchant Culture 107 Weapons 62
Buster Big Sword This greatsword is the result of countless hours of polishing the blade using the unique rocks and water of the Golem Dungeon. Merchant Culture 64 Weapons 4000
Captain Gloves Special alloy metals and an experimental smelting process makes these gloves stronger than most without adding unnecessary weight Merchant Culture 12 Weapons 256000
Carnivorous Mutae Jottings By introducing a steady stream of LF1 to a plant in place of injections, we hope to create a plant large enough to produce fruit for a city! Forest Culture 1 6500
Carnivorous Mutae Seeds Seeds that came out of the Forest Guardian upon defeating it. These must be one of a kind. Curious... Could they grow into something?... Forest Culture 2 8000
Catapult Bow Merchant Culture Weapons 4000
Chilled Lava Lava that appears to have been flash frozen. Always cold to the touch. Desert Culture 15 3125
Conductor Metal Scrap metal found lying around the Tech Dungeon. Could possibly be used as a conductor when crafting. Tech Culture 23 700
Copper Reel Conductive copper spun into strands then wrapped into this reel. Easy to access. Creative design. Tech Culture 11 10000-
Cloth Dye It would appear that this dye can fire-proof whatever article of clothing it is applied to. The Desert Dungeon is full of interesting items. Desert Culture 13 3437
Crystal Rock A beautiful crystal of many colors. I've heard rumors of it being used as a conductor to fantastic results. Golem Culture 25 93
Crystal Shards Broken crystals... Wear and markings signal the possibility that energy of some sort once passed through them. Tech Culture 24 500
Crystalized Energy It would appear the energy surging through a Golem crystallizes upon its destruction. Could we harness this power somehow? Golem Culture 21 125
Desert History I Three suns pierce the sky. Casting almost infinite light upon us. Their rotations aligned to only allow two days of darkness a year. Desert Culture 3 12500
Desert History II The three sisters in the sky constantly keep watch over us. Our days are long and they are hot, bu the sisters' energy has given us many gifts. Desert Culture 4 12500
Desert History III Their limitless heat has given us control of flame. It has powered our machines. And it has created the eternal lava that protects our cities. Desert Culture 2 18750
Desert Rope A rope... that doesn't catch fire... Whoever once resided in the Desert Dungeon must have been an incredibly inventive people. Desert Culture 22 500
Desert Steel Ingot Raw steel found in the Desert Dungeon. Years of sandy winds seem to have hardened it beyond most metals. Desert Culture 7 8100
Desert Steel Sheet A resilient metal that becomes incredible flexible when a magnetic current is run through it. Must get the blacksmith to experiment with this. Desert Culture 16 3125
Desert Stone Polished white stone with a high melting point. Desert Culture 14 3100
Diamagnetic Sand Sand that actually reacts to magnetic fields. It's rare, but I've seen several sculptures use this material to create floating scenes of sand. Desert Culture 21 625
Electric Jelly This jelly is electric and I don't mean sweet jiggle dance moves... Extracted from Tech Slimes. I could crafts some unheard of weapons with this. Merchant Culture 92 500
Empowering Crystal Raw crystal source of magic power. Merchant Culture 104 125
Energy Capacitor Small object. Tomo says it can store energy without magic. This could be useful to anyone. Tech Culture 16 4000
Exeter Bow Due to the durability of materials used and the high damage output, this remarkable weapon resembles a high powered rifle more than a bow. Merchant Culture 1 Weapons 512000
Fabric Sturdy, but rough to the touch. I imagine some would want to use this in the creation of decorations. Golem Culture 15 312
Fertile Soil A very rich soil that if transported correctly, could lead to a substantially healthier plant than one's standard soil. Forest Culture 15 1250
Fertilizer A strong fertilizer that can lead to larger than average plant growth. Forest Culture 16 1250
Fighter Gloves Merchant Culture Weapons 4000
Fighter Spear This is the strongest spear to be made in Rynoka. New metals from the Tech Culture grant this spear incredible strength and piercing power. Merchant Culture 3 Weapons 512000
Fire Gem Instant spark upon sharp contact with stone or even coarse cloth. Perfect fire starter. Desert Culture 18 2125
Fire Jelly A jelly variant that appears to just constantly be on fire... Found in Desert Slimes. I can't drink anything made from this... can I? Merchant Culture 105 120
Fireproof Cloth A fabric that refuses to burn. Often found wrapped around piles of sand. Possibly used to protect the sand during an extreme heating process? Desert Culture 19 1437
Flammable Dust Highly flammable dust. Great for rekindling a fire. I must keep some in stock near the stove. Desert Culture 23 500+?
Flamethrower Bow Merchant Culture Weapons 256000
Fluid Vessel Such ornate designs for something appearing so basic. It is simply a container meant to mix various fluids and substances together. Forest Culture 13 1937
Fluid Conduct A conduit for transporting fluid, most likely lava. It looks designed to minimize any loss of heat during transportation. Desert Culture 12 4562
Forest Fruits Various fruits gathered from within the Forest Dungeon... Some have been proven safe fro consumption. Others... have not. Forest Culture 11 2250
Forest History I We were an intelligent species. So when the food shortages escalated, we believed we could solve our problem with science... Forest Culture 3 6250
Forest History II We created the LF1, and for awhile, things were good. Food was once again abundant and forests began appearing for the first time in ages! Forest Culture 4 6500
Forest History III The forest didn't stop growing though... and slowly our world was covered. The plants didn't stop growing though... and slowly... they took over. Forest Culture 5 7000?
Forest Spirit Gloves Merchant Culture Weapons 64000
Foundry Rests I believe this to be the remains of an old foundry. If the Golems are created, what created them? Golem Culture 19 187
Fusion Big Sword The most elegant greatsword I have ever seen. The metals and crystals from the Tech Dungeon sure do create gorgeous equipment. Merchant Culture 3 Weapons 512000
Glass Lenses Glass shaped into a lens with the sole purpose of focusing magical energy. Very useful in the crafting of magical weapons. Golem Culture 22 125
Gold Runes These Gold Runes create wonderful patterns upon the Golems. Occasionally you can retrieve one intact after battle. Golem Culture 13 375
Gold Strands Actual gold strands woven into wires used by many of the machines in the Tech Dungeon. Maintenance must be costly. Tech Culture 21 2000
Golem Core The core of the very "heart" of a Golem. We have found ways to harness the energy, but are unable to create life from it. Golem Culture 23 125
Golem Chisel This is definitely a chisel used to carve and shape a Golem. From its frame, I imagine the architects were not much different than ourselves. Golem Culture 10 625
Golem Designs I These images and hastily written notes seem to resemble a schematic of some sort. Something akin to the Golem roaming around the Golem Dungeon. Golem Culture 6 1875
Golem Designs II Further notes on how to create the physical body of a Golem, but nothing on how to actually animate it... Golem Culture 7 1875
Golem Designs III Finally, images on inserting a power source into a Golem. Most frustratingly though, the part on fusing the power source is scratched out... Golem Culture 8 1875
Golem Drill Spear Merchant Culture Weapons 4000
Golem History I We all come from the dirt. Life is itself dirt. A cycle of birth and decay. Something no man, woman, or even stone can escape. Golem Culture 1 3125
Golem History II As we came from dirt, so did the stone. Harnessing the life energy flowing through the ground, we animated rock to serve us. Golem Culture 2 3125
Golem History III Stone rose to assist us, to protect us. While our hands crafted their life, their hands cradled ours. Golem Culture 3 3125
Golem King Energy Crystal A huge crystal with enough energy to power the enormous Golem King... Golem Culture 5 3125
Golem King Jottings The king of stone. Imbued with the largest energy crystal found, this entity will serve to protect us from any who wish us harm. Golem Culture 4 3125
Golem Knowledge Book Books containing knowledge of the Golem civilization. Golem Culture
Golem Volume The text is too worn, too faded to be legible. But the carvings upon the stone cover are meticulously detailed. Golem Culture 12 500
Hardened Steel Strongest steel I have come across. Perfect for crafting new equipment. Golem Culture 14 375
Hell Spear Merchant Culture Weapons 256000
High Levitation Core Large core usually attached to large chunks of metal floating over Diamagnetic Sand in the Desert Dungeon. Desert Culture 5 15 000 -
HP Potion I Restores 40 Health. Should always have one or two of these on hand. Merchant Culture 106 Potions 110
HP Potion II Restores 75 Health. Definitely worth the price. Merchant Culture 91 Potions 625
HP Potion III Restores 200 Health. It would have been nice to have this when I ran into that creature... Merchant Culture 83 Potions 3000
HP Potion IV Restores 500 Health. The Witch sure has outdone herself here. Merchant Culture 63 Potions 8750
Hunter Bow Wood and metal from the Golem Culture merge harmoniously to create a well-balanced bow. Merchant Culture 74 Weapons 4000
Hyper Potion Heals 100% of Will's maximum health. Merchant Culture Potions 12500
Inflammable Liquid Easily ignitable... Desert Culture 10 5625
Insulating Dust Dust used to insulate conduits from heat. Desert Culture 17 2400
Invulnerability Potion Makes Will invincible/invulnerable/unkillable for a short amount of time. Merchant Culture Potions
Iron Bar Iron. Fairly basic, but the very cornerstone of any mid-tier equipment one may wish to craft. Golem Culture 26 31
Iron Boots Originally mass produced for soldiers of the Grand Army, but works equally well for anyone Dungeon diving. Merchant Culture 75,60,36,23 Armor 5000
Iron Chestplate Basic armor most commonly used by Merchants. Fairly light with decent resistance and mobility. Merchant Culture 76,61,37,24 Armor 5000
Iron Helmet Headgear made from the lightest metals available. It's a trade off between armor and agility. Merchant Culture 77,62,38,25 Armor 5000
Life Fluid A fluid that appears to animate and give life to regular plants. Please note - Keep away from the Venus Flytrap. Forest Culture 20 500
Light Essence Seemingly ordinary when contained, but it began to glow when spilled upon my arm. Must react to living organisms. Forest Culture 21 500
Lightning Bow Merchant Culture Weapons 512000
Lighting Rod Spear Merchant Culture Weapons 512000
Magic Mushroom A mushroom giving off a subtle glow. The consumption of it grants random magical attributes for awhile... Never a safe bet to be honest. Forest Culture 27 75
Magic Wood Wood soaked in magical residue for years. Gives off small, blue sparks. Potentially useful material in resisting other elemental magics. Forest Culture 25 125
Magnetic Core A device found at the center of Desert Golems, very much similar to the one found in the living statues of the Golem Dungeon. Desert Culture 24 375
Magnetic Tool A tool used to create a magnetic field around a material with the correct polarization. Desert Culture 8 8125
Magnetite A mineral used to magnetize other materials. Desert Culture 20 900
Mercury Liquid metal? On cold days it seems to solidify, but at room temperature it just melts. Tech Culture 22 1900
Modified Seeds Seeds that appear to be modified through some sort of experimentation... Perhaps failed? They never seem to grow anything. Forest Culture 17 1062
Monkey Spear The tale of the Monkey King comes to mind as one looks upon this crimson spear. Truly a spear worthy of him. Merchant Culture 26 Weapons 256000
Naja Jottings In moments of true darkness, true terror arises. Naja, our Guardian crafted of stone, lava, and of the three suns will then shine brightest. Desert Culture 1 25000
Natural Bow The fiber-based resources of the Forest Culture come together here to create a remarkably light, yet powerful bow Merchant Culture 43 Weapons 64000
Nutritive Water Water swirling with nutrients for plant growth. Not for human consumption. Zenon can not tell me that enough... Forest Culture 12 2187
Old Bulb A rather large bulb once belonging to a now dead plant... It isn't alive... but isn't really dead either... Forest Culture 9 2500
Old Golem Minion Design The text is faded, but looks to be instructions on how to create one of the living statues found in the Golem Dungeon. Golem Culture 11 500
Petals Some petals I found particular pleasing to the eye from various plants in the Dungeons. Forest Culture 26 125
Plant Flesh High fiber count in these plants. Very useful for crafting. Forest Culture 28 75
Plastic Film Ever so thin layer of "plastic". Found it wrapped around a bunch of wires. Tech Culture 20 2500
Poison Bow Merchant Culture Weapons 64000
Power Supply A compartment perfectly shaped to hold the objects called "batteries". Tech Culture 6 18000
Preserved Root A very old, very well-preserved root. Forest Culture 18 750
Pure Acid Pure acid. Don't know what possessed me to attempt collecting this stuff. Melts through almost anything. Forest Culture 22 500
Resistant Glass Heat and sand blasted glass. Used as an insulate for various objects against extreme temperatures. Desert Culture 11 5300
Rich Jelly A jelly-like substance with many curative properties. Can be extracted from the various Slimes. Essential in brewing potions. Merchant Culture 109 6
Rock Big Sword Merchant Culture Weapons 4000
Root A root from a giant plant. Very useful in the crafting of new bows. Golem Culture 28 6
Rough Gloves Merchant Culture Weapons 4000
Rune Tool Looks to of been a tool used to inscribe text upon metal and stone. Could perhaps be used to inscribe runes upon my equipment. Golem Culture 9 1875
Soldier Bow Crudely crafted from the limited fibers of the Desert Culture, this bow looks best in the hands of a soldier. Regardless, it gets the job done. Merchant Culture 28 Weapons 256000
Soldering Iron A tool used to fuse various metals together. Desert Culture 9 6687
Star Platinum Gloves Merchant Culture Weapons 512000
Steel Boots Offer resounding protection. Which is good, because one is not going to be dodging much with this much metal strapped to their feet. Merchant Culture 71,57,33,19 Armor 5000
Steel Chestplate Chestplate offering the best protection against enemies. It's incredibly heavy though. Basically a chunk of steel strapped to ones chest. Merchant Culture 72,58,34,20 Armor 5000
Steel Helmet Layers of the heaviest, thickest metals crafted into a sturdy, resilient, damage reducing helmet. Merchant Culture 73,59,35,21 Armor 5000
Storm Big Sword Merchant Culture Weapons 512000
Speed Potion Increases Will's speed for a short amount of time. Merchant Culture Potions
Speed Powder A powder that can accelerate plant growth. Perhaps useful in a potion? Forest Culture 10 2500
Straw A simple pile of straw. Nothing astonishing. Appears to be covered in some corrosive liquids though. Perhaps used as insulation for something? Forest Culture 19 625
Strength Potion Increases Will's strength for a short amount of time. Merchant Culture Potions
Strong Leaves Hardened leaves that are flexible enough to ricochet off walls instead of shattering. That was a lesson hard learned... Forest Culture 23 500
Tech History I Magic ran rampant in the land. Both creatures and man of unimaginable power, attained at the roll of a dice, took advantage of the lesser... Tech Culture 2 500000
Teethstone Very sharp stone, commonly found on the bodies of ancient Golems. Golem Culture 29 6
Tesla Coil Engine Electricity literally jumps off of the coil. Must find a way to craft this into a weapon. Tech Culture 15 6000
Thermo Magnetic Engine With so many whirling parts, it appears magical. A device that transforms heat energy into magnetic waves. Desert Culture 6 9000
Thunder Gloves Merchant Culture Weapons 512000
Toxic Big Sword Merchant Culture Weapons 64000
Training Big Sword It's a big sword. Large attack area, but it isn't very sharp. You are basically swinging an oversized metal bat with this equipped. Merchant Culture 86 Weapons 1200
Training Bow Nothing too special. You pull the arrow back and it releases an arrow. Bows are the only ranged weapons one can find in Rynoka. Merchant Culture 87 Weapons 1000
Training Gloves Incredibly light, incredibly fast, incredibly satisfying. Due to their short range though, they are much riskier than other weapons. Merchant Culture 88 Weapons 1000
Training Short Sword With sword in hand and shield in the other, this combination strikes a perfect balance between attack and defense. Merchant Culture 90 Weapons 1000
Training Spear The spear is the longest range melee weapon one could wield. Easy to fling around, but difficult to master. Merchant Culture 89 Weapons 1000
Treated Wood Wood treated to resist corrosive liquids. Tech Culture 14 6000
Triple Cell Battery A much larger variant of the Capacitor. It would appear this can store massive amounts of non-magical energy. Tech Culture 9 12000
Tungsten Reel This metal seemed to be able to take a high amount of heat before finally melting. Tech Culture 10 10000
Vacuum Tube Small glass globe with some metal twigs inside it. Pretty, but no idea what this is used for. Tech Culture 12 8000
Venom Jelly A poisonous jelly variant found in Forest Slimes. Please extract with care. Merchant Culture 108 25
Venomous Spores The title pretty much says it. Venemous. Not fun. Used by many enemies in the Forest Dungeon. Be wary... Forest Culture 29 75
Venom Sting Spear Merchant Culture Weapons 64000
Venom Twins Gloves Merchant Culture Weapons 64000
Vine Strong but flexible material used by Tangle to protect themselves. Golem Culture 30 2
Volcanic Stone A stone formed from magma sitting in one location for too long. Round and very porous. Great for filters. Desert Culture 25 125
Vulcan Big Sword One of the heaviest greatswords to come out of Rynoka. Forged from Desert Steel, it is an unstoppable, wrecking machine. Merchant Culture 29 Weapons 80000
Warrior Spear A mighty spear built with the strength required to shape Golems. Merchant Culture 82 Weapons 4000
Water Lamp How curious. A lamp no of flame, but of glowing water. Heavier for sure, but more reliable in the long run. Golem Culture 16 312
Water Sphere A milky white sphere or some unknown material containing water emitting a strange, almost eerie light. Golem Culture 24 125
Welding Gun Through the use of several other resources, this device can bond together particular metals firmly together. Tech Culture 8 14000
Welding Rods Metal in a thin wire. Used as a bonding agent. Tech Culture 17 4000
Whetstone Basic stone used by blacksmiths to grind and sharpen weapons. Can never have too many of these. Golem Culture 27 18
White Stone Piece of a container for preserving the properties of infused water. Golem Culture 17 312
Wild Big Sword I remember comparing that training sword to a baseball bat... this is truly a giant baseball bat. Merchant Culture 49 Weapons 64000
Will Bandana Merchant Culture
Will Boots Merchant Culture
Will Jacket Sturdy jacket made with strong fibers. Merchant Culture
Wires Small strands of metal used to conduct electricity. Tech Culture 19 3000
Wolfram Rock A raw version of the tungsten metal. Unprocessed, but surely valuable to anyone in need of the material. Tech Culture 6000
Flux Energy Jottings Crafted through compression of magic, this is the greatest achievement of our time. 30000++
Wood's Spear Built strong, but incredibly flexible. Beautifully crafted from wood found from the Forest Culture. Merchant Culture 50 Weapons 64000

Related achievements[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description
Decorative Mind.jpg Decorative Mind Buy all decorative Items
Evil Merchant.jpg Evil Merchant Sell 20 items slightly overpriced
Good Merchant.jpg Good Merchant Sell 20 items for the perfect price
Naive Merchant.jpg Naive Merchant Sell 40 items really cheap
Wastefull Merchant.jpg Wastefull Merchant Buy more than 10 items on Le Retalier


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