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The Healing Pool is a special room that appears exactly once on each dungeon level, and has the added benefit of being on the path to the next floor, making it easier for Will to find his way in the maze of the Dungeon. The pool will heal the player when they enter the water while wounded and can only be used to heal a certain amount of health on any given floor. As the healing power is used up, the light reflecting on the pool will change and leave a darker color.

Amount Healed[edit | edit source]

The amount of healing granted by the pool on a given level is determined by an unknown mechanic but seems to be tied either to the difficulty/level of the dungeon or to be tied to the player's maximum health when entering the level.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Each floor of a dungeon has a unique note left in the Healing Pool room.

Why?! Why do our tools keep disappearing?!?! Chambers full of precious stone are left untouched, but rooms and chests holding our most basic tools keep vanishing.
~ Golem Notes, Floor 1

It feels as if we are fighting an invisible enemy. Every time a room is left empty of people, it seems to vanish! Replaced by another chamber that has already been ransacked!
~ Golem Notes, Floor 2

Today we introduce our stone Golems. It doesn't stop the chambers from vanishing, but at least they will give our thieves a good thrashing in the process!
~ Golem Notes, Floor 3

We have yet to discover the perpetrator, who as of a year ago, destroyed several of our experiments. Now, much of our research materials are disappearing on a daily basis.
~ Forest Notes, Floor 1

We still do not know who is causing this grief. Some parts of our experimental forest continue to disappear, replaced with wrecked variants occasionally covered in green slime.
~ Forest Notes, Floor 2

WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE!?! Even with our knowledge, the ones behind this are beyond us. We must focus and finish the LF1 serum. Our world depends on it.
~ Forest Notes, Floor 3

Data Entry 103 - The recent store shortages are no longer considered errors in keeping. Materials and various tools are actually vanishing on a daily basis. A guard program is being created to keep an eye out for the intruders.
~ Desert Notes, Floor 1

Data Entry 125 - According to this month's report, the most valuable items are being left untouched in our warehouses. Only tools and materials used to build our autonomous guard bodies are taken.
~ Desert Notes, Floor 2

Data Entry 196 - These damned thieves are really efficient. The second a room is left unmanned, it is pillaged. Only our autonomous units can remain to guard our wares!
~ Desert Notes, Floor 3

Sentinels have reported bizarre positional errors as of late. Their reported locations do not match their assigned routes. It is as if they are being teleported all over the place.
~ Tech Notes, Floor 1

Upon further inspection, the registered positional errors appear to be associated with dimensional rift energy. But how? We are decades away from perfecting that tech.
~ Tech Notes, Floor 2

I saw it with my own eyes... Upon exiting Lab 105, the door became covered in this green slime. Examination proved it to be a perfect housing for dimensional energy!
~ Tech Notes, Floor 3