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HP Potion III

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Disambig.png This article is about the regular game version of this item. For the New Game + version, see HP Potion III +1.
HP Potion III
HP Potion III.png
Merchant Culture
Stack Size
Base Value
3,000 Gold.png
Restores 200 Health. It would have been nice to have this when I ran into that creature...

HP Potion III is one of the items found in the Merchant Culture.

Crafting & Acquisition

Crafting & Acquisition
Daytime Sun.png3,000 Gold.png (Nighttime Moon.png2,849 Gold.png)
Rich Jelly.png Rich Jelly (1)
Fire Jelly.png Fire Jelly (1)
The Wooden Hat Daytime Sun.png8,000 Gold.png (Nighttime Moon.png7,599 Gold.png)
Drops From
Desert Dungeon Gold Mimic, Iron Mimic, Wood Mimic
Lootable From
Desert Dungeon Skeletons
Other Rarely from smashing Skeletons in the Desert Dungeon

Drops from Mimics in the Desert Dungeon

Used to Craft

This item is not currently used to craft anything.

Selling & Reactions

Low Popularity.png Neutral Popularity.png High Popularity.png
Cheap 2,024 Gold.png 2,699 Gold.png 2,699 Gold.png
Perfect 2,475 Gold.png 3,300 Gold.png 4,050 Gold.png
Expensive 2,588 Gold.png 3,450 Gold.png 4,200 Gold.png
Overpriced 2,589+ Gold.png 3,451+ Gold.png 4,201+ Gold.png
Merchant Mirror 750-1,050 Gold.png

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