Golem Turret Familiar

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Golem Turret Familiar
Golem Turret Familiar.png
Acquired From
Golem Turret Egg
Sentinel turret able to shoot a constant stream of water.

Additional Info

Acquired by killing 10 Golem Turrets in the Golem Dungeon. To attack, it will attempt to line itself up in a straight line with a monster before shooting it with a single water ball, with a firing rate of about ~1 per second. As it fires in a straight line, it's possible for it to miss on enemies who zigzag as they move towards you or who are moving on a diagonal. It will not move very far away from you to attack, choosing instead to move with you if you do move, so it's possible that it will instead trail you while you are dodging and attacking instead of attacking itself. Damage dealt is proportional to your own damage.

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