Golem Turret

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Golem Turret
Golem Turret.png
Spawns in
Golem Dungeon
Appears on
All floors
A walking stone turret that moves around and shoots a stream of compressed water.


The Golem Turret will move horizontally or vertically until in line with the player. Then depending on the level of the Golem the turret with either shoot a stream of projectile or three shots. Use fast damaging weapons or heavy damaging weapons to take out the turret before it has time to rotate to face the player. Use obstacles to break the line of fire between the player and the turret.


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Dungeon Items
Golem Dungeon Golem Turret Egg, Glass Lenses, Water Sphere, Whetstone
Wanderer Dungeon Slime Chunks, Iron Bar, Whetstone, Glass Lenses

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