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Golem Dungeon is the first of the Dungeons in the game Moonlighter, and is accessible at the start of a new game. It contains the easiest enemies and provides the player with many basic artifacts used in crafting. Also single and rare forest dungeon rooms might appear in this dungeon always containing the same enemies.

This dungeon contains three floors followed by the Golem King boss fight. Once the Golem King has been defeated for the first time, the Forest Dungeon will be opened to the player.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Appearance Monster Description Dungeon Drops
Baby Slime.png Baby Slime A tiny slime with a single eye. Often appears in packs of 3 or more. Golem Rich Jelly, Empowering Crystal
Broken Golem Turret.png Broken Golem Turret An old mossy turret whose limbs have broken, leaving it to rest in one place. Golem Iron Bar, Glass Lenses, Teethstone, Water Sphere, Whetstone
Corrupted Golem Warrior.png Corrupted Golem Warrior Golem
Flying Kamikaze Golem.png Flying Golem A small flying drone that swoops at the player. Golem Empowering Crystal, Iron Bar
Flying Repair Golem.png Flying Repair Golem A small flying drone with three pincer claws it uses to pick up fallen loot. Golem Flying Golem Egg, Whetstone, Iron Bar, Teethstone
Gold Mimic.png Gold Mimic A mimic that pretends to be a Gold Chest until you approach it or attack it. All Mimic Egg, HP Potion I, HP Potion II, HP Potion III, HP Potion IV, Old Bulb
Golem Head.png Golem Head A large, round, mossy stone with two beady eyes in the darkness of its face. Enjoys rolling directly into enemies: including you. Golem Crystal Rock, Teethstone, Golem Core, Empowering Crystal
Golem King.png The Golem King The Golem King is a giant boulder with a slime sticking out of its left side and a floating rock arm in its right. It also has a sort of scarf on it. It's immobile, only staying in the top center of the stage. Golem Golem King Energy Crystal, Golem History I, Golem History II, Golem History III, Golem King Jottings
Golem Turret.png Golem Turret A walking stone turret that moves around and shoots a stream of compressed water. Golem Golem Turret Egg, Glass Lenses, Water Sphere, Whetstone
Golem Warrior.png Golem Warrior Golem Golem Core, Broken Sword, Crystallized Energy, Hardened Steel, Empowering Crystal
Iron Mimic.png Iron Mimic A mimic that pretends to be a Iron Chest until you approach it or attack it. All Mimic Egg, HP Potion I, HP Potion II, HP Potion III, HP Potion IV, Old Bulb, Life Fluid, Thermo Magnetic Engine, Desert Steel Ingot
Kamikaze Golem.png Golem Mine A small land-bound drone with a blinking red light. Golem
Slime Gauntlet.png Slime Gauntlet A giant stone hand with a red slime base. Golem Teethstone, Rich Jelly, Crystallized Energy
Slime.png Slime A large slime that can engulf you. Golem Rich Jelly
Stone Butler.png Stone Butler A stone golem with a giant shield and a staff it uses to fire magical beams of light. Golem
Stone Soldier.png Stone Soldier An ancient monster made of stone with a fabric cape that follows you as it swings its sword. Golem Empowering Crystal
Tangle.png Tangle Golem Vine, Root
Wanderer.png Wanderer A large green ghost with a single, bright orange eye. All
Wood Mimic.png Wood Mimic A mimic that pretends to be a Wood Chest until you approach it or attack it. All Mimic Egg, HP Potion I, HP Potion II, HP Potion III, HP Potion IV, Rune Tool, Old Bulb

Related achievements[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description
Golem Apasionate.jpg Golem Apasionate Arrive to the third floor of the Golem Dungeon 10 times

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