Gold Chest

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Gold Chest
Gold Chest.png
Appears in
A gold-banded chest filled with rare and valuable loot not dropped by monsters.
Potential Curses
Crush Curse.pngCrush Dispel Curse.pngRemove
Unknown Curse.pngUnknown Fragile Curse Gif.gifFragile
Transmute Curse.pngSwap Home Curse.pngHome

Additional Info

Genearlly only appears on the third floor, but can rarely appear on earlier floors.


Rune Tool, White Stone, Golem Volume, Golem Chisel, Old Golem Minion Design, Gold Runes, Golem Designs I, Golem Designs II, Golem Designs III, Hardened Steel

NG+ Drops

Rune Tool +1, White Stone +1, Golem Volume +1, Golem Chisel +1, Old Golem Minion Design +1, Gold Runes +1, Golem Designs I +1, Golem Designs II +1, Golem Designs III +1, Hardened Steel +1

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