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The Gloves are one of the Weapons in the game Moonlighter.

The 'Gloves are a medium damage weapon that has extremely short conical or burst attacks and a short rush-down special. It is also the fastest weapon in the game, although changing directions slows it down considerably. It has the highest dps when attacking forward, but the only defensive option is that it can roll much quicker out of attacks, and can roll at any time before a hit box comes out.

Once the special attack is fully charged, Will can turn in any direction to start the rush-down. After activation, Will can be moved side to side for better aim, although it's so short and fast it will be more of a curve. This is extremely similar to the Spear Special attack.

As for pairing, with the weapon swap trick, it pairs well with the heavy weapons and bow. The only weapon it doesn't pair as well with is the Sword and Shield due to having similar speeds and range.

Normal Attack:

  • Hit 1: A forward hit in-front of Will.
  • Hit 2: A forward hit in-front of Will with the other arm.
  • Finisher: A final hit that moves Will and bit farther, dealing double damage and extra knockback.

Special Attack:

After a nearly instant charge, Will rushes straight forward a short distance. This move only hits once.


  • Each enchantment requires 3 Empowering Crystals
  • It costs 1,000 gold to enchant the Training Gloves (3,000 gold total and 9 Empowering Crystals to get to "+++")
  • It costs 16,000 gold to enchant a Tier 1 weapon (48,000 gold total to get to "+++")
  • It costs 32,000 gold to enchant a Tier 2 weapon (96,000 gold total)
  • It costs 64,000 gold to enchant a Tier 3 weapon (192,000 gold total)
  • It costs 128,000 gold to enchant a Tier 4 weapon (384,000 gold total)

List of Gloves[edit | edit source]

Weapon Name Power Power + Power ++ Power +++ Tier Path Special
Training Gloves 20 27 34 41 0
Fighter Gloves 50 74 98 122 1 Top
Forest Spirit Gloves 150 175 200 225 2 Top
Captain Gloves 250 276 302 328 3 Top
Star Platinum Gloves 400 431 462 493 4 Top
Rough Gloves 40 64 88 112 1 Bottom Stun
Venom Twins Gloves 110 135 160 185 2 Bottom Poison
Flame Gloves 175 201 227 253 3 Bottom Burn
Thunder Gloves 300 331 362 393 4 Bottom Shock

Related achievements[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description
Berserk Warrior.jpg Berserk Warrior Craft All Gloves

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