Giant Slime

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Items included on this page are only available if you own the DLC Between Dimensions.

Giant Slime
Giant Slime.png
Spawns in
Wanderer Dungeon
Appears on
Even floors
A giant red slime made of dozens of other, smaller slimes. Slimeception!


Starts as a giant slime. On death, becomes two big slimes. Each big slime becomes two slimes. Each slime becomes ~six Baby Slimes. Giant and big slimes simply jump and deal area damage where they land, you can easily dodge roll to avoid it. The slimes are the only troublesome part of the fight, just dodge roll before they can encase you.


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Dungeon Items
Wanderer Dungeon Electric JellyFire JellyRich JellySlime ChunksVenom Jelly


Additional Info

Drops an excessive amount of Slime Chunks compared to other bosses due to the amount of "parts". Good for farming chunks!

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