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There are three main pieces of equipment in moonlighter: the Pendant, the Mirror, and the Catalyst.

Pendant[edit | edit source]

Will starts out the game with this pendant, which allows him to exit the Dungeons at any time, as long as he has the money for it. This is a one way trip.

Mirror[edit | edit source]

Found in the second level of the Golem Dungeon, the Mirror is used to sell unwanted items while still in the Dungeons (albeit at a discounted price).

Catalyst[edit | edit source]

Found in the third level of the Golem Dungeon, the Catalyst is used to transport back to town, much like the Pendant. Unlike the Pendant, the Catalyst opens a doorway that can be returned through once, effectively saving Will's spot in the Dungeons. It also uncovers the map of current level. This however is much more expensive than the Pendant.

One more item dropped by that strange... jelly creature. This one is a little more straightforward than the Mirror. Similar to our Pendants, if given enough gold we can portal to safety. BUT! And this is a big but (ha...) The portal remains open after use! Meaning one may travel back to the very spot they departed from! Simply amazing. Very convenient! For the time being, let us call it the Catalyst. Quick Tip - the Catalyst requires quite a bit more gold than our Pendants.