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Combat is a core element of Moonlighter. There will be a very wide range of different enemies that will spawn randomly in rooms. Our intention is to make Moonlighter a very challenging game, one that requires the player to slowly build power to advance.

Description[edit | edit source]

Unlike other similar games, when the enemies spawn, the doors of the room will be kept open, so player can keep walking and explore faster. If monsters are defeated they will not respawn, even if the players exits the room and enters again, giving the player the possibility of “cleaning” rooms and slowly take control of that instance of the dungeon.

Chests will spawn randomly on rooms and the player will only be able to open them after defeating all the enemies in the room.

The loot that enemies drop on death will consist of parts of their bodies, or weapons and armors they are carrying.

At the end of each dungeon the player will need to defeat a very tough boss that will drop a very valuable loot and unlock new possibilities for the player.

List of enemies[edit | edit source]

Name Description Culture
Baby Slime
Broken Golem Turret
Flying Golem
Flying Repair Golem
Gold Mimic
Golem An ancient monster made of stone that follows you as it swings its sword. Golem Culture
Golem Head
Golem Mine
Golem Turret
Silver Mimc
Slime Gauntlet
Slime Trap
Stone Butler
Stone Soldier
Wanderer An unkillable monster that chases you around the dungeon. Golem Culture
Wood Mimic
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