Empowering Crystal

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Disambig.png This article is about the regular game version of this item. For the New Game + version, see Empowering Crystal +1.
Empowering Crystal
Empowering Crystal.png
Merchant Culture
Stack Size
Base Value
100 Gold.png
Raw crystal source of magic power.

Empowering Crystal is one of the items found in the Merchant Culture. Empowering Crystals are a very useful item, as they are used at The Wooden Hat to enchant weapons and armor, giving them better additional stat boosts.

Crafting & Acquisition

Crafting & Acquisition
Le Retailer Unknown Gold Gold.png
Drops From
Golem Dungeon Baby Slime, Flying Golem, Golem Head, Golem Warrior, Stone Soldier
Forest Dungeon Corrupted Mavu Tree, Gardener, Mavu Tree, Seeder
Desert Dungeon Patrol Golem
Tech Dungeon Electric Post
Wanderer Dungeon Baby Electric Slime, Baby Slime, Boomerang Skeleton, Flying Golem, Gas Suit, Golem Lobber, Tank, Tech Soldier
Lootable From
Unknown if this item is looted from anything.

Used to Craft

This item is not currently used to craft anything.

Selling & Reactions

Low Popularity.png Neutral Popularity.png High Popularity.png
Cheap 66 Gold.png 89 Gold.png 89 Gold.png
Perfect 83 Gold.png 110 Gold.png 135 Gold.png
Expensive 87 Gold.png 115 Gold.png 140 Gold.png
Overpriced 88+ Gold.png 116+ Gold.png 141+ Gold.png
Merchant Mirror 25-35 Gold.png

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