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DevBlog 5 is one of the DevBlogs for the game Moonlighter.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Will is the shopkeeper of The Moonlighter, Rynoka’s historical shop.

This shop has been at Rynoka since the foundation of the village. It’s very related to its history, and well known by everyone seeking adventure, fame and fortune on The Dungeons. Will’s family has owned the shop for many generations and now, as the only heir, he is in charge.

Moonlight, though, is not the only legacy that Will has inherited from his ancestors. Traditionally, some of the shopkeepers of Moonlight have also been dungeon explorers. In fact, Will’s grandfather was known for his skills as an adventurer and his knowledge about The Dungeons, just like his grandmother was known for her haggling and business skills. Both of them raised Will’s mother while taking care of the shop.

As part of this tradition, Will’s family has guarded some special artifacts: Three magical relics very useful to adventurers looking for treasure in The Dungeons.

Will has inherited those family relics. They will be very helpful on his attempt of discovering more about the nature of The Dungeons and, finally, solve the mystery that surrounds Rynoka’s history.

Will’s family relics are three:

  • An adventurer piece of cloth with an emblem, from his grandfather.
  • A merchant mirror, from his grandmother.
  • A protection pendant, from his mother.

Each Relic has unique powers, very related to The Dungeons, Moonlight and gold. But for now, let’s keep it a secret!

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