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DevBlog 4 is one of the DevBlogs in the game Moonlighter.

Notes[edit | edit source]

We have published our first update on our Collective's page

The Moonlighter is the shop Will inherited from his family. It is located on Rynoka, where other merchants also own their shops, selling items and offering services to all the adventurers that arrive to the city looking for fortune on the near dungeons.

Will, as citizen of Rynoka who wants to become a hero, can use the services of other merchants. They can upgrade, enchant, craft and sell items. As we said, some of the available shops are:

  • Forge: Owned by a tough blacksmith who upgrades your weapons giving them a new aspect and new stats. You can give him a weapon or armor plus some items and money to obtain an upgraded version of the weapon class.
  • Witch’s tent: Shop in charge of an old witch that has made potions and enchantments for decades. She enchants weapons adding stat boosts and special abilities, like being able to see secret doors at dungeons. These enchantments are achieved by giving her a weapon or armor plus an item and some money.
  • “Competitor” merchant: (with a less successful shop) A common items shop, who will sell basic items easily obtainable in dungeons. He gives the player the possibility of buying base items from the dungeons, at a higher price.
  • Others: We plan to include more NPCs and shops. For example visiting merchants that come to the town from time to time selling or buying specific items, places that allow the player to invest large amounts of money for permanent perks, etc…

For now we have followed this process with the blacksmith:

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