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DevBlog 2 is one of the DevBlogs for the game Moonlighter.

Notes[edit | edit source]

As we said before, Moonlighter is all about items and gold. We don’t have any traditional level progression. Instead of that, all the power depends on the equipment and carried items.

We have different cultures linked to each of our dungeons, and being a good archaeologist will be very important for Will. As the player finds more items of the same dungeon his general knowledge of that culture will increase, making it easier to set the “perfect” price for those items on the shop.

Carrying items around won’t be easy since many of them will have random secondary effects that will affect Will. Some of those effects might be positive (like a Golem head that also increases Will’s armor simply by being carried) but most will be negative, forcing the player to make decisions on what to carry on each dungeon run. These secondary effects will only be active inside the dungeons and won’t affect the item base price.

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