Corrupted Golem Warrior

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Corrupted Golem Warrior
Corrupted Golem Warrior.png
Spawns in
Golem Dungeon
Appears on
The Corrupted Golem Warior is similar to the Golem Warrior from the 1st floor in it's size, shape and attacks, but it has higher HP count and it has a new ability.


After taking several attacks it will turn invisible and swing its mace upon reappearing after a few seconds. Will can not hit him while he is invisible.

  • Bows can help to keep distance to trigger the Golem Warrior's AoE attack rather than its teleport attack.
  • The Big Sword's special can provide immunity as the Golem Warrior reappears.


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Dungeon Items
Golem Dungeon Golem Chisel, Empowering Crystal, Iron Bar, Golem Core, Rune Tool

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