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Combat is crucial in the game Moonlighter.

As described, combat is one of the most vital parts of the game. Player will have to learn how to fight enemies in dungeons properly and effectively in order to accomplish the game. There are many different enemies in the game, nearly every single one of them requries different approach and strategy to be defeated. Same applies for Weapons and Armor available in the game. Every weapon type, every armor set is efficient in an exact way of using. For example Sword and a shield allow player to be flexible and effective in many different ways and playstyles, what doesn't apply to Big Swords, which are limiting your movement but allowing to deal more damage (per hit at least, and assuming that we're comparing weapons of the same tier).

Difficulty[edit | edit source]

Every dungeon has it's own unofficial difficulty. Which means that enemies are more difficult and challenging as player advances.

For example enemies in Golem Dungeon are easier to kill than those that player will face in Forest Dungeon.

Also there is a difficulty setting in the beginning of the game. However, this setting seems to affect only stats of the enemies, not the way of functioning of the AI itself, although it's unchecked (only an assumption).

Equipment[edit | edit source]

During the combat player's objective is to deal as much damage as possible and to receive as least as possible. In order to do that player should use equipment most suitable for one's playstyle. If it comes to armor player can choose among three sets of armor:

Fabric (light) - This set of armor grants less maximum health than other sets in exchange for faster movement, making Will more vulnerable to damage but faster in general making it easier to avoid attacks and outrun enemies

Iron (medium) - Iron set of armor is a point of balance between maximum health and movement speed. This armor doesn't improve your movement but it gives you more maximum health than the fabric set.

Steel (heavy) - Heavy set of armor gives player more maximum health than any other set, but limits movement speed making Will run slower.

And many different types of weapons such as Big Swords, Spears, Gloves and more (See Weapons page for detailed info on rest of the weapons available in the game)

One has to choose equipment and utilize it's advantages effectively.

Knowledge, experience and skill[edit | edit source]

For some players that haven't played any games similiar to Moonlighter with such combat mechanics, it might seem difficult, however the most important thing is not to give up and keep learning. Although skill is not all it takes it's also important to know your enemy, and in order to do that one can either play and see for oneself how enemies work, how they attack and move. Or just read about their ablities and properties here on Moonlighter Wiki (that's it's purpose right?).