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The following is a list of characters in the game Moonlighter

Main Characters & NPCs[edit | edit source]

Name Description
Will The player character and protagonist of the game. Later on known as the 'Hero-Merchant' for his actions
Andrei The town blacksmith and owner of Vulcan's Forge. He crafts and upgrades your weapons and armor
Eris A witch and the shopkeeper of The Wooden Hat. She sells potions enchants your weapons and armor
Julien Owner of a rival store, Le Retailer. He sells all items that Will has come across, though at a higher price
Alan A traveller/hawker, he sells decorations for your shop
Crazy Pete A famous adventurer/merchant who was exploring dungeons; current condition remains unknown
Zenon A friend of Will's grandfather. He constantly urges Will not to explore the dungeons due to the danger involved
Edward The town banker, who can assist Will with investments

Other Characters & NPCs[edit | edit source]

Name Description
Tomo A childhood friend of Will. She's always intersted in Will's adventures, and urges him to show her rare items dropped by the guardians
Redmond A fellow merchant. He wants his son to have a choice between being a hero or a merchant, much to Masa's disdain
Masa Redmond's son. He dreams of becoming a hero like her late mother and killing the guardian that killed her mother
Citizens Citizens wander the Merchant Culture and buy items from Will's shop.

Cameo Characters[edit | edit source]

These are characters that appear similar to characters affiliated with other games.