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The Bow is one of the Weapons in the game Moonlighter.

The Bow is a low damage weapon that fires an arrow straight out and only hits one target and a piercing special. The bow fires at a medium speed, but deals the least amount of damage of any weapon. Arrows can cover the span of a room, allowing for excellence boss killing. Will also back-steps slightly with each arrow.

Once the special attack is fully charged, Will can turn in any direction to fire. The arrow will curve to the left or right after firing, and only stops after hitting an obstacle or wall. As with other weapons, changing directions before the weapon is fully charged will reset the charge

As for pairing with the weapon swap trick, it pairs well with the Gloves and Swords and Shields, allowing for quick double damage arrows and long range support. It matches poorly with the spear due to having an extremely similar function.

Normal Attack:

  • Hit: The bow only has 1 attack, shooting and arrow forward while stepping back a bit. The bow does not have the double damage finisher.

Special Attack: After a medium charging time, Will unleashes a piecing shot that only stops when hitting a wall. It also deals double damage. The arrow will curve left or right after firing. How much it curves is seemingy random.


  • Each enchantment requires 3 Empowering Crystals
  • It costs 1,000 gold to enchant the Training Bow (3,000 gold total and 9 Empowering Crystals to get to "+++")
  • It costs 16,000 gold to enchant a Tier 1 weapon (48,000 gold total to get to "+++")
  • It costs 32,000 gold to enchant a Tier 2 weapon (96,000 gold total)
  • It costs 64,000 gold to enchant a Tier 3 weapon (192,000 gold total)
  • It costs 128,000 gold to enchant a Tier 4 weapon (384,000 gold total)

List of Bows[edit | edit source]

Weapon Name Power Power + Power ++ Power +++ Tier Path Special
Training Bow 15 20 25 30 0
Hunter Bow 35 53 71 89 1 Top
Natural Bow 105 124 143 162 2 Top
Soldier Bow 175 195 215 235 3 Top
Exeter Bow 300 324 348 372 4 Top
Catapult Bow 30 48 66 84 1 Bottom Stun
Poison Bow 77 96 115 134 2 Bottom Poison
Flamethrower Bow 125 145 165 185 3 Bottom Burn
Lightning Bow 200 224 248 272 4 Bottom Shock

Related achievements[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description
Distant Warrior.jpg Distant Warrior Craft All Bows

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