Blue Chest

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Blue Chest
Appears in
A special chest that only appears after you defeat a Dungeon Guardian. Items contained within are not cursed.

Additional Info

Always contains one of each history book and the jottings specific to that guardian.

Drops[edit source]

Dungeon Items
Golem Dungeon Golem History I, Golem History II, Golem History III, Rune Tool, Golem Chisel, Golem King Jottings, Golem Designs I, Golem Designs II, Golem Designs III, Golem Volume
Forest Dungeon Carnivorous Mutae Jottings, Forest History I, Forest History II, Forest History III
Desert Dungeon Naja Jottings, Desert History I, Desert History II, Desert History III
Tech Dungeon Flux Energy Jottings, Tech History I, Tech History II, Tech History III

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